Restoration Projects

Fish Passage & Habitat Restoration

TTCD works with landowners and other partners to support healthy salmon populations through habitat restoration. This includes systematically removing fish passage barriers in the District as well streambank restoration projects. Fish passage barriers, such as undersized culverts, can prevent salmon from reaching spawning and rearing habitat, negatively impacting their population. Click on the hyperlink to learn about TTCD fish habitat restoration projects.

Water Quality

TTCD works to improve water quality within the District through waste management and waste removal. Click on the hyperlink to learn about TTCD’s efforts.

Invasive Species

TTCD implements plans to address invasive plants and pike within the District. To learn more about TTCD’s invasive species control efforts, click on the hyperlink.

Forest Health

TTCD works closely with landowners to improve forest health within the District. Click on the hyperlink to learn more about TTCD forestry projects.