Habitat Monitoring & Restoration Program

District landscape photoProgram Description

This program was established to accomplish TTCD’s strategic direction to monitor and restore fish and wildlife habitat. The Tebughna (“Beach People”) have fished, hunted, and gathered in the Tyonek area for hundreds of years, and preserving subsistence resource goes hand in hand with preserving the cultural identity of this people. For this reason, protecting fish and wildlife habitat and has been a major priority for TTCD since our formation. TTCD has worked cooperatively with the Native Village of Tyonek, the Tyonek Native Corporation, the US Natural Resources Conservation Service, the US Fish & Wildlife Service, the AK Department of Fish & Game, and many others in order to strategically work towards¬†monitoring natural resources and addressing natural resource concerns.

Planning Documents

TTCD staff have developed a Tyonek Area Watershed Action Plan (2016) and Natural Resource Assessment and Project Implementation Plan (2013) that have guided ongoing and future projects within the District. Click on the hyperlink to learn more.

Ongoing Monitoring

Monitoring the health of natural resources within the District is important in maintaining the overall health of these resources. TTCD regularly monitors fish populations, water quality, invasive species, and forest health. Click on the hyperlink to learn more.

Restoration Projects

TTCD works with landowners and stakeholders within the District to address conservation needs and goals related to fish and wildlife habitat. Since our formation, TTCD has successfully implemented restoration projects related to fish passage and habitat, invasive species, and forest health. Click on the hyperlink to learn more about current and completed projects.