Tyonek Tribal Conservation District

Our MissionDistrict Boundary

The Tyonek Tribal Conservation District (TTCD) is a non-regulatory, nonprofit 501c3 organization that addressees local issues through community-driven conservation. Our mission is to conserve, enhance, and encourage the wise use of the natural resources. The District shares its boundaries with Game Management Unit 16B, and includes Tyonek, Beluga, Shirleyville, Alexander Creek, and Skwentna. The role of the TTCD is to provide technical and financial assistance to landowners and stakeholders within the District to help them achieve their conservation goals.

Core Values

TTCD is guided by two core values:

  • Meet the needs of district stakeholders
  • Foster cooperative relationships

Strategic Directions

The Tyonek Tribal Conservation District has four strategic directions:

  • Monitor and restore fish and wildlife habitat.
  • Improve food security through community agriculture.
  • Support sustainable practices through waste reduction and energy conservation.
  • Provide conservation education and outreach.

To learn more about TTCD’s conservation work, visit the Programs tab or contact us at (907) 278-1020.


After 8 amazing years, today marks my last day with TTCD before embarking on a new journey with the US Fish and Wildlife Service. I will be continuing conservation efforts in Southcentral AK and fortunately get to stay connected to and work with Tyonek on fish passage projects and more! Before I “change my uniform colors” as Mike Spernak likes to say, I want to take a moment to tell my Tyonek work-family and our many partners how much I have loved working alongside all of you. It really has been an incredible honor. Thank you for believing in me, trusting me, learning with me, laughing (a lot) with me, supporting me as I became a mother, and getting so many incredible things accomplished along the way. I am forever grateful, will never forget, and look forward to this next chapter of partnership and growth with you. Keep growing your veggies and see you at pike camp. Much Love, Nicole Swenson See MoreSee Less
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TTCD and our partners, Misha Klassen with the Center for Alaska Costal Studies and Patricia Partnow, with Partnow Consulting, spent the day with the Tebughna School and we had lunch time with Ms. Christy’s class (1-6). We also got to enjoy story time shared by Misha, and a fun salmon game where students are refreshed about salmon life cycle stages along side a healthy game of tag as we learned with each other. For the older classrooms (7-12) we enjoyed building our very own hydroponics planters together and reusing plastic bottles and tied fabrics to hold in the planter as a wicker system. Learning a simple style of the many possible ways to grow food indoors. Students then decorated their planter and invited us to the beach to end our day with rocket launching. Thank you for a wonderful fun filed day, Tebughna School. See MoreSee Less
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Staff Nicole and Tonya along with partner Katie Gavenus with the Center for Alaska Costal Studies, were able to spend a day at the Tebughna School teaching and learning about seeds, seed identification, along with plant and seed dissection. The students where excited and enjoyed planting seed starts, making sure they are labeled and watered. The Tebughna School will nurture the seed starts for the Tyonek garden until planting day/garden blessing. Thank you Tebughna School for a wonderful fun filed day and support. See MoreSee Less
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