Tyonek Tribal Conservation District

Our MissionDistrict Boundary

The Tyonek Tribal Conservation District (TTCD) is a non-regulatory, nonprofit 501c3 organization that addressees local issues through community-driven conservation. Our mission is to conserve, enhance, and encourage the wise use of the natural resources. The District shares its boundaries with Game Management Unit 16B, and includes Tyonek, Beluga, Shirleyville, Alexander Creek, and Skwentna. The role of the TTCD is to provide technical and financial assistance to landowners and stakeholders within the District to help them achieve their conservation goals.

Core Values

TTCD is guided by two core values:

  • Meet the needs of district stakeholders
  • Foster cooperative relationships

Strategic Directions

The Tyonek Tribal Conservation District has four strategic directions:

  • Monitor and restore fish and wildlife habitat.
  • Improve food security through community agriculture.
  • Support sustainable practices through waste reduction and energy conservation.
  • Provide conservation education and outreach.

To learn more about TTCD’s conservation work, visit the Programs tab or contact us at (907) 278-1020.


In 2021, the Tyonek Tribal Conservation District team had many reasons to reflect on the ways in which taking care of the land and cultivating nutritious foods locally help us to care for ourselves and for others in our communities. We are looking forward to connecting with our partners to continue this joyful work in the New Year! May 2022 bring you deep connection to the people and places that bring you joy – and may you participate in bountiful harvests of those things (like carrots, salmon, clean water, teamwork) that truly fill you up.Dena’inaq ełnen’aq ghestu ch’q’u yeshdu. See MoreSee Less
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The Cook Inlet beluga calf named Tyonek is again in the news! The rescue and research team who rehabilitated him have published a paper that describes how the rescue of another beluga calf from Bristol Bay in 2012 taught them how to better assess Tyonek’s health needs in 2017.Our Director of Animal Health, Dr. Carrie Goertz, is a primary author and contributor of a recent Polar Research publication: “Stranded beluga (Delphinapterus leucas) calf response and care: reports of two cases with different outcomes."This publication was two years in the making and highlights the response and care of two beluga calves at the Center: Naknek rescued in 2012 and Tyonek in 2017. Both cases detailed in the piece provide invaluable information about the beluga populations the calves originated from and new information on wild beluga neonates. Read more and find the link to the paper here>>> www.alaskasealife.org/news_item/153 See MoreSee Less
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-Final Potatoes SalesHello Tyonek residents, TTCD will be hosting a Final Potato sale today at the Tribal Center from 10-2 at the health fair. 10 lb for $10! We have about 10-16 bags available. If there is still produce available after hours and you are interested in purchasing local, fresh potatoes from the Tyonek garden, you can text Tonya Kaloa for further assistance at 907-570-8403. See MoreSee Less
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