Ongoing Monitoring

Fish Populations

In 2014, TTCD began developing strategies to monitor salmon populations. Salmon monitoring efforts have been focused within the Tyonek Area Watershed, and have included juvenile fish trapping, spawning ground surveys, and anadromous waterways cataloguing. Click on the hyperlink for more information.

Water Quality

Water quality is a critical component of a healthy salmon stream. Monitoring water quality can provide valuable insight into the presence of contaminants and can isolate issues that need to be addressed in order to achieve good water quality to protect all the species that rely on fresh water systems. Since 2015, TTCD has collected data on water quality and stream temperatures at five sites. Click on the hyperlink for more information.

Invasive Species

By significantly altering habitat, invasive species pose threats to many subsistence resources including fish, moose, berries, and more. In the District, both invasive plants and fish have become a concern. To learn more about TTCD’s invasive species monitoring efforts, click on the hyperlink.

Forest Health

In 2013, TTCD partnered with Tyonek Native Corporation, the US Forest Service and Alaska Department of Natural Resources Division of Forestry to develop a forest stewardship plan for all Tyonek Native Corporation lands. As part of this plan, TTCD and TNC identified 6 long term forest monitoring plots on TNC lands. These plots were monitored in 2014 and 2017, and will continue to be monitored for forest changes every three years. Click on the hyperlink for more information.