Invasive Species Monitoring

Invasive Plants

Since 2014, TTCD has conducted annual invasive plant surveys along roadsides, airstrips, private properties, industrial worksites trails, and stream crossings in Tyonek, Beluga, and Shirleyville. Surveys have also been conducted in Skwentna (2014) and Alexander Creek (2014-2016).

Currently, TTCD works with contractors to address persistent terrestrial invasive species populations in Beluga, Tyonek, and Skwentna.


Due to the negative impact of pike on salmon populations and the lack of data on pike’s extent within the watershed, TTCD’s goal is to determine the extent of pike and develop a control plan on priority populations and waterbodies. In 2015-2017, TTCD conducted annual pike derbies in Beluga and Tyonek to collect data on pike locations.

Starting in 2018, TTCD, in partnership with the Alaska Department of Fish & Game and the Native Village of Tyonek embarked on a pike suppression project on Threemile Lake in Beluga, which has since expanded to Chuitbuna Lake (2019), Rollercoaster Lake (2019), and Tyonek’s Second Lake. Each year, TTCD and partners remove northern pike from these waterbodies to reduce predation pressure on juvenile salmonids and help restore salmon populations in these impacted systems.

For more information on invasive plant and pike survey data, see the maps below and the Tyonek Area Watershed Action Plan.