Forestry Projects

Moose Habitat Restoration

In 2010, TTCD worked with Tyonek Native Corporation, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, and Native Village of Tyonek to improve moose browse access in the Tyonek area. Tyonek youth assisted with the planting of thousands of willow stalks to benefit moose habitat.

Jun2010 011

Tyonek community members prepare willow stalks for planting in Tyonek.

Fire Break

In 2016, TTCD partnered with Tyonek Native Corporation and USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service to plan and install a fire break surrounding the Native Village of Tyonek. This wide, cleared, fire break around the village will help to protect the community from future forest fires.

Fuel Break.2

Survey of the recently installed fuel break near Tyonek in 2016.