Fish Population Monitoring

Since 2015, juvenile salmon hafish trappingve been surveyed on multiple streams within the Tyonek Area Watershed directly by TTCD staff – including Robert’s (Old Tyonek) Creek, Chuitbuna Creek, Threemile and Creek. TTCD plans to continue long term monitoring of these sites.

Spawning ground surveys were implemented in 2016 on Indian Creek and 2018 on Threemile Creek. TTCD plans to continue this monitoring in future years.

TTCD works to add District streams and waterbodies to the state of Alaska Anadromous Waters Catalog (AWC). Annually, TTCD surveys for anadromous fishes to ensure that all anadromous streams within the District are offered habitat protections.

For more information, see the maps above or the Tyonek Area Watershed Action Plan