Technical Assistance Program

USDA Outreach

As part of TTCD’s work with the Tyonek Community Garden, TTCD has helped to connect Tyonek with USDA programs that can provide assistance for the garden program. However, TTCD is also working to connect Tyonek and other communities with all agencies within USDA. Through the USDA Office of Advocacy and Outreach, TTCD has received funding to work with Tyonek, Mountain Village, and Kwethluk (the three TCDs first formed in Alaska. TTCD staff has traveled to Kwethluk and Mountain Village in addition to Tyonek to assist with the development of their programs. To complete this project TTCD partnered with the Alaska Tribal Conservation Alliance (ATCA).

USDA-outreachIn Tyonek, TTCD is working to connect residents and landowners with USDA programs to assist with a variety of needs. In 2013, TTCD partnered with the Indian Nations Conservation Alliance, USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, Alaska SPCA, and Alaska Rural Veterinary Outreach to bring a spay neuter clinic to Tyonek at no charge to pet owners, resulting in the spay/neutering of 21 animals. In 2013 TTCD also partnered with the US Forest Service and Alaska Department of Natural Resources Division of Forestry to obtain funding to develop a forest stewardship plan for all Tyonek Native Corporation lands. Also in 2013, TTCD began working with the Tyonek Native Corporation, the Native Village of Tyonek, and the University of Alaska Center for Economic Development to begin a feasibility study for a fish processing plant in Tyonek.




Air Quality

AirQualityIn 2012, TTCD applied for funding through the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium (ANTHC) to begin monitoring air quality in the Tyonek area. Air quality is a concern for residents, and at this point no baseline data was available. In 2013, TTCD coordinated the installation of air quality monitoring equipment with ANTHC, the AK Department of Environmental Conservation, and the Native Village of Tyonek IGAP program. Grant funding through ANTHC covers Tyonek employee time to monitor the equipment and collect data.

Conservation Planning

In 2013, TTCD partnered with the Native Village of Tyonek IGAP department to assist with the development of the Tyonek Long Term Environmental Plan. This plan will be used to guide Tyonek decision making and future conservation and environmental projects.

Future Goals

TTCD plans to continue with current technical assistance projects, including the fish processing plant project and the development of the forest stewardship plan. In 2014, TTCD is partnering with the Tyonek Native Corporation to develop a Comprehensive Land Management Plan. TTCD will continue to assist landowners and stakeholders in our district with helping them to meet their conservation goals.