Tyonek Youth Conservation Science (TYCS) Program

Education and Community-Based Conservation

educationIn the past two years, TTCD has strived to incorporate youth education into all of our programs. Students at the Tebughna School have played an important role in both the planning and implementation of the Tyonek Community Garden. Students of all ages decided which vegetables should be planted in the garden, and planted and cared for all vegetable starts that were later transplanted into the garden. Students also assisted with harvesting willow cuttings that were used in streambank restoration along Indian Creek. Involving students in Tyonek at all stages of conservation is a major goal of the Tyonek Tribal Conservation District.



Energy Efficiency Education

energyIn 2013, TTCD partnered with Chugach Electric to bring a program to the Tebughna School called the Watts Up or Down Energy Challenge. As part of this program the Tebughna School participated in a competition with Anchorage Schools to reduce their energy usage. TTCD, Chugach Electric, the Renewable Energy Alaska Project, and Rural Cap partnered to kickoff this program with an energy fair at the Tebughna School, giving students an opportunity for hands on education about energy use and strategies for improving energy efficiency.


Traditional Subsistence Foods

subsistenceIn 2013, TTCD partnered with chef Rob Kineen and Fresh 49 to demonstrate the use of healthy subsistence foods to youth in Tyonek. Chef Rob Kineen visited a Tyonek summer culture camp and prepared a meal using foods that camp participants obtained through foraging, including beach peas and beach greens. TTCD hopes to continue to help connect young Tyonek residents to local subsistence foods and traditional practices.

Future Goals

In 2014, through funding from the Alaska Native Fund, TTCD will be implementing a summer day camp in Tyonek. As part of this program participants will be able to learn about local ecology and ecosystems. TTCD also hopes to continue to work with the Tebughna School to provide educational resources for conservation science to the students.