TTCD has four program areas to address conservation needs and goals in our District:

Habitat Monitoring & Restoration

TTCD is working with landowners and other partners to systematically remove fish passage barriers in the District. A fish passage barrier (such as an undersized culvert) prevents salmon from reaching spawning and rearing habitat, negatively impacting their population. TTCD has removed a barrier on Indian Creek by replacing an undersized culvert with a fish friendly culvert, and plans to complete a second fish passage improvement project on Tyonek Creek in 2014.

Tyonek Grown

Since 2012, the Tyonek Tribal Conservation District (TTCD) has worked with the Native Village of Tyonek (NVT) to develop an agricultural program aimed at enhancing food security and providing fresh organic vegetables in their off-the-road-system community in rural Alaska.

In 2012, TTCD assisted with planning and implementing a community garden which included raised beds built from local materials, a solar powered irrigation system, and starts grown by students at the Tebughna School. Each year the garden grows a little larger and by 2014 the project had become a 1.5 acre operation with two NRCS high tunnels (48ftx22ft), solar powered irrigation and ventilation systems, 15 raised beds, 1,000 row feet of potatoes, 45 rhubarb plants, 15 raspberries bushes, and plans for expansion in the coming years.

Technical Assistance

TTCD provides technical and financial assistance for landowners to achieve their conservation goals. To date, TTCD has provided assistance with air quality monitoring in Tyonek, a spay and neuter clinic in Tyonek, and with general conservation planning.

Tyonek Youth Conservation Science

TTCD strives to incorporate youth education into all of our programs, including the Tyonek Garden and Fish Passage and Habitat projects. We hope to continue to work in the Tebughna School in Tyonek to provide opportunities for science education.